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ELI Readers Multirom

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New Multi-Roms featuring interactive exercises, cartoon as well as audio recordings.
Multi-Roms can be used on traditional CD-players to listen to recordings and on PC
and Mac to access the animations and interactive exercises.
Multi-Roms will automatically replace the current Audio CDs.


New ELI Readers
Uncle Jack & the Meerkats + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0627-3
PB3 & the Vegetables + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0423-1
Hooray for the Holidays! + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0618-1
Granny Fixit & the Yellow String + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0621-1
Harry & the Crown + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0428-6

Nouvelles Lectures
Tonton Jean et les Suricates + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0628-0
PB3 et les Legumes + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0522-1
Vive les vacances! + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0619-8
Mamie Petronille et le Ruban Jaune + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0622-8
Henri et la Couronne + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-0527-6


For German as a Foreign Language, 5 New titles for Jünge Lektüren with Multi-ROM

Neue Lektüren 
Onkel Karl und die Erdmännchen + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-1482-7
PB3 und das Gemüse + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-1481-0
Hurra, Ferien! + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-1480-3
Oma Fix und das Gelbe Band + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-1669-2
Danel und di Krone + Multi-ROM 978-88-536-1662-3


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Letture graduate ELI - Italiano
Documento senza titolo

italiano 2013 

La collana si propone come raccolta di testi narrativi di grande qualità letteraria
e forte identità. Le diverse sezioni che accompagnano il testo (note sull’autore,
approfondimenti, attività...) hanno lo scopo di arricchire la lettura, facilitando
la comprensione e l’apprendimento linguistico senza soffocare il piacere di leggere.

Presentano testi originali appositamente scritti e classici della letteratura
adattati, con esercizi di certificazione linguistica.

Il souvenir egizio - Mary Flagan
Destinazione Karminia - M. Simpson
Pinocchio - C. Collodi
I Malavoglia - G. Verga



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Uncle Jack and the Meerkats is the Winner of the Annual Language Learner Literature Award

unclejacks winner 

The Extensive Reading Foundation (ERF), an unaffiliated, not-for profit organization that supports and promotes extensive reading in language education, takes pleasure in announcing the winners of the 9th Annual Language Learner Literature Award for books published in 2011.

An international jury chose the winning book in five categories, taking into account the Internet votes and comments of students and teachers around the world.

Uncle Jack and the Meerkats
By Jane Cadwallader; Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali, ISBN: 978-88-536-0627-3

Judge's comment: This story is good for young learners because it is a nice mixture of adventure, fantasy and reality, with an animal conservation angle. It also has a cool family theme and intelligent child characters. Well-written, nice design and fun to read.

On-line voter's comments: This book tells a very simple story,but it indeed teaches us a lot. What we learn from the book is that we should treat animals kindly and never try to keep them as pets.

I really like this book. It is quite worthy of being read by the youth. This book particularly makes difference in inspiring us to protect the animals and our environment.

This story has a brilliant educational meaning - protecting animals from being hurt by the cruel people and loving the whole world even anything alive.

Go to ERF online >


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Language Learner Literature Award

Young Learners

Hooray For The Holidays!
Author: Dominique Guillemant
Illustrator: Alistar

Judges' Comment: The lively, kid-friendly design and enjoyable beach theme attract young children. There are also fun activities that make kids think. Well-written, nice fonts and excellent art.


Uncle Jack and the Meerkats

Author: Jane Cadwallader
Illustrator: Gustavo Mazali

Judges' Comment: This story is good for young learners because it is a nice mixture of adventure, fantasy and reality, with an animal conservation angle. It also has a cool  family theme and intelligent child characters. Well-written, nice design and fun to read.


Adolescents & Adults: Upper Intermediate and Advanced

The Great Gatsby
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Retold by Richard Larkham
Illustrator: Rodolfo Brocchini

Judges' Comment: Richard Larkham should be very proud of his excellent adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece. Gatsby, the dreamer, lives in a magnificent house and can buy anything he wants --- except for one thing...



The Extensive Reading Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to support and promote extensive reading. One Foundation initiative is the annual Language Learner Literature Award for the best new works in English.  Another is maintaining a bibliography of research on extensive reading.  The Foundation is also interested in helping educational institutions set up extensive reading programs through grants that fund the purchase of books and other reading material.

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Le Grand Meaulnes - Conversation avec Domitille Hatuel

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