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Harry and the Sport’s Competition
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Jane Cadwallader - Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali
Stage 4 - Young ELI Readers - below A2

Harry is the very last person to volunteer for a sport competiton! In this story our reluctant hero braves golf and volleyball to come out tops (to everyone’s surprise!).

Harry and his three friends are selected to take part in the Police Sport Competition. They arrive at the luxury hotel by the sea where the competition is to take place. Everything seems normal ... but something strange is going on at the hotel.


- Games and language activities
- An audio recording of the story and the song
- A picture dictionary

Vocabulary areas

Sports and leisure, time, clothes and materials, work, the world around us

Grammar and structures
Past simple
Past progressive
Present perfect
Will ...
Going to ...
Tag questions
Verbs + infinitive / ing form
When clauses

Flip book
Audio Mp3
Student's resources
Teacher's resources
Audio CD
14,8x21 cm, 32 pages
ISBN 978-88-536-0630-3

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