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The Turn of the Screw
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Henry James- Illustrated by Rodolfo Brocchini.
Adaptation and activities by Janet Borsbey and Ruth Swan
Stage 4 - Young Adult ELI Readers - below B2

After I had accepted the position and agreed to his condition, I had two or three very bad days.
I was full of doubts, sure I had made a terrible mistake.
I was in this state of mind as I sat in the uncomfortable coach which was taking me to my new home.’

Ghost story

In this Reader you will find:

- Information about Henry James’s life
- Sections focusing on background and context
- Glossary of difficult words
- Comprehension activities
- FCE-style activities
- Exit test

A young woman starts her first job as a
governess in charge of two young orphans, Miles and Flora, at a country house called Bly.
The children are beautiful and well-behaved, but are they too good to be true? When the governess starts to  experience strange visions, she suspects that the  children are hiding a terrible secret. Are there ghosts at  Bly, or is the governess going mad?  Henry James’s classic ghost story is retold here at level B2.


Present perfect, Past perfect, Future tenses including, future perfect, Irregular verbs: would for,  willingness/refusal, Third conditional, If clauses (in zero conditional), Used to and would, Phrasal verbs, Passive forms, Infinitive constructions


as soon as, but, however, and, because


whichever, whatever, whoever etc, either, neither, none,  both, little, some, enough, every, most, time phrases

Sentence types:

Relative clauses: embedded, defining

Modal Verbs:

Will, Might, May, Shall, Could, Should


Adverbs, Where clauses, Phrases with when, Before/After clauses (not with future reference)

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